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nbensi Father, Brothers and Sister of Marcel


sorry I do not speak very well French.

I saw yesterday the movie "Le chateau de ma mere". in French and I did not understand everything.

At the end he tells about one brother that became a sheperd but died. Do you know why?

Another brother died in the war.

Do you know what happend to his little sister that we also see in the movie?

And of what die the mother die?

And what happened to the father, does he mention anything in the movie how his father raised the childeren alone or did he remarry? Was his childhood still a peaceful one after the dead of his mother?

Sorry, but I d not know too much about Marcel Pagnol and I would like to learn more. It is just a couple of days that I came across him and I am very fascinated by him.

Thanks and sorry for not speaking french good enough to post here.


pascaline Re: Father, Brothers and Sister of Marcel

hello ! even if my english is not as fluent as before, I hope I can help you:

first of all: indeed, Paul the litle brother died ay the age of 34. he was epileptic and he went to Belgium to be operated on for this. He died during the operation in 1932 or 1933, I don’t remember exactly.

About Lili, he died during the first world war. He wasn’t Marcel’s brother, but his very good friend during the holidays. He was 18.

Augustine, Marcel’s mother, died at the age of 36, (pneumonia, she had always had a delicate health.

Joseph married some years later a young woman. Marcel did not accept her and was in bad terms with his father during some years. But later their relations were better.

Bye !


nbensi Re: Father, Brothers and Sister of Marcel

Merci beaucoup!