2007 Winner: Didier Van Cauwelaert for “Le père adopté” (Editons Albin Michel)

Winner of the Marcel Pagnol Prize 2007.
Winner of the Marcel Pagnol Prize 2007.

The 2007 Marcel Pagnol Award was presented on June 6th to Didier Van Cauwelaert for “Le père adopté” (The adopted father) published by Albin Michel during an evening at Fouquet’s in the “Raimu” Lounge where Pagnol liked to gather his friends.

To celebrate the event, Frédéric Pagnol, son of Marcel and Jacqueline Pagnol, was surrounded by Nicolas, Louis-Laurent and little Maxime, the writer’s grandson and great-grandson respectively. Didier Van Cauwelaert expressed his thanks and emotion, recalling the meetings he had missed with Marcel Pagnol until then: first with the adaptation of Souvenirs d’enfance (Childhood Memories) which he had not been able to produce at the time, as well as recently with the libretto of Vladimir Cosma’s Marius et Fanny (to be premiered on September 4th at the Marseilles Opera House)… The Marcel Pagnol Award is the crowning achievement of this reunion…

The press and publishing world (Bernard de Fallois, Marcel Pagnol’s emblematic publisher, but also Michel Lafon, etc.) rubbed shoulders with the film industry (Vladimir Cosma, Claude Pinoteau, etc.) and literature (Michel Déon, Daniel Picouly, Guy Goffette, etc.), as well as with the friends of the “great Pagnol family”, with, in particular, Mrs. Contandin, Fernandel’s daughter, present.

A brilliant and friendly evening in the image of Marcel Pagnol.

Floryse Grimaud

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