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Marcel Pagnol

"When I look back at the long list of characters I have played in my life, I wonder today who I am."

The Marcel Pagnol endowment fund

Financing the restoration

Why a Marcel Pagnol endowment fund?

The purpose of the Marcel Pagnol Endowment Fund a pour objet la restauration des 24 films de son catalogue cinématographique ainsi que l’entretien du fond muséal comprenant entre autre des caméras, objectifs, manuscrits et œuvres d’art ayant appartenu à Marcel Pagnol.

He also aims at reconstructing the sets of his films in natural settings in the hills of Aubagne and Marseille and at launching the creation of a large museum entirely dedicated to Marcel Pagnol.

In 2010, the Marcel Pagnol Endowment Fund launched a campaign to restore the Marcel Pagnol catalog. 12 films have already benefited from a 4K restoration.

Passing on a legacy

Transmettre l’héritage de Marcel Pagnol aux générations futures

A large part of the museum's collection is completely unpublished and requires heavy maintenance work, while the films need to be restored to guarantee their conservation for the future.

The Marcel Pagnol Endowment Fund was created at the initiative of Jacqueline Pagnol, Marcel Pagnol's widow who played Manon des Sources in the cinema, and by Frédéric Pagnol, Marcel and Jacqueline Pagnol's son.


Tax exemption for private and corporate donors

The legal structure of the Endowment Fund makes it possible to offer a tax exemption of 66% to private donors and 60% to companies.

We hope that you will be sensitive to our patrimonial approach and that, like us, you consider that this immense work and the universal themes of humanism and mutual aid that it conveys must be transmitted to future generations.

Nous avons besoin de vous

So that Marcel, Manon, Marius, Fanny, César and all these characters who are part of the French popular culture live forever.

I participate in the restoration

Tourism & discovery

Discover the Marcel Pagnol trails

Guided tours, theatrical tours, tours with full support. So many ways to discover the world of Marcel Pagnol.

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Marcel Pagnol's Filmography

'Marius', Marcel Pagnol's first film in cinema.

Marius (1931)


The first part of the Marseille Trilogy, "Marius" is a play first performed in March 1929 at the Théâtre de Paris. It was adapted to film in 1931.

Adaptation of Marcel Pagnol's play with Louis Jouvet.

Topaz – 1st version (1932)


First version of the film 'Topaze', starring Louis Jouvet. Pagnol, dissatisfied with the treatment given to his work, made his own adaptations in 1936 and 1951.

Marcel Pagnol's writings

Follow the journey of Marcel Pagnol through photos, correspondence, and manuscripts.

Marcel Pagnol: The album of a life


A look back in pictures at Marcel Pagnol's extraordinary career. Nicolas Pagnol presents a selection of over 400 photographs, unpublished documents, manuscripts and correspondence.