Marius (1931)

The first part of the Marseille Trilogy, "Marius" is a play first performed in March 1929 at the Théâtre de Paris. It was adapted to film in 1931.

'Marius', Marcel Pagnol's first film in cinema.
'Marius', Marcel Pagnol's first film in cinema.
Marius by Marcel Pagnol: Panisse (Fernand Charpin) decides to remarry.


Marius is a young man who is excited by the sea. He loves his father César, gruff and good-natured, and also loves the little Fanny who sells shells in front of César’s bar. Since his childhood, the desire to run the world inflames him. He fights against his madness. He doesn’t want to abandon his father, who might die of grief, nor little Fanny, who thinks only of him. And yet the sea is there…

Marius by Marcel Pagnol: the iconic 4/3 scene.

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