Marcel Pagnol


"Cinema and I were born on the same day, in the same place." Marcel Pagnol

Filming of the famous Marseille Trilogy.
Filming of the famous Marseille Trilogy.
'Marius', Marcel Pagnol's first film in cinema.

Marius (1931)


The first part of the Marseille Trilogy, "Marius" is a play first performed in March 1929 at the Théâtre de Paris. It was adapted to film in 1931.

Adaptation of Marcel Pagnol's play with Louis Jouvet.

Topaz – 1st version (1932)


First version of the film 'Topaze', starring Louis Jouvet. Pagnol, dissatisfied with the treatment given to his work, made his own adaptations in 1936 and 1951.

Article 330, a medium-length film directed by Marcel Pagnol.

Section 330 (1934)


Article 330 is not the 1900 Exposition, nor is it a man putting his backside out the window: it is the judicial translation of this ridiculous incident; and it is, through this incident, a brilliant attack against the law.

'Tartarin of Tarascon', an adaptation of Alphonse Daudet's novel.

Tartarin of Tarascon (1934)


Tartarin is a braggart and sturdy bourgeois who lives in Tarascon, his reputation is based on more or less invented stories of travel and adventure.

Extract from the screenplay of the movie "Le premier amour" written by Marcel Pagnol.

The first love (1934)


Based on an original screenplay by Marcel Pagnol, a film project that was never completed, although it was started several times.