Merlusse (1935)

Film by Marcel Pagnol. 1933. Starring Henri Poupon and Rellys.

Merlusse, a Christmas tale by Marcel Pagnol.
Merlusse, a Christmas tale by Marcel Pagnol.
Excerpt from “Merlusse,” written and directed by Marcel Pagnol.


Christmas! There are only a few kids left in the big high school who have been forgotten by their parents: the “orphans”, the “exiles”, who have been handed over to the most frightening, the most hated of the pawns: Merlusse, with a scarred face…

Technical data

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Duration: 1h12
  • Director: Marcel Pagnol
  • Screenplay: Marcel Pagnol
  • Dialogues: Marcel Pagnol
  • Photography: Albert Assouad, assisted by Roger Ledru, Arnaudy, Roger Corbeau and Clément Maure
  • Music: Vincent Scotto


  • Henri Poupon: Mr. Blanchard, nicknamed “Merlusse” by the students
  • André Pollack: the principal
  • Thommeray: the censor
  • André Robert: the general supervisor
  • Rellys: the boy
  • Annie Toinon: Nathalie
  • Jean Castan (credited under the name of Castagne): Galubert
  • Fernand Bruno (credited as F. Bruno): Catusse
  • Robert Chaux: Godard
  • Le petit Jacques: Villepontoux
  • John Dubrou (credited as John Dubrasi): Woodpecker
  • Le-Van-Kim: Prince Pha-Van-Do nicknamed “Macaque
  • Rellys fils (playing here with his father who plays the boy): Bezuquet
  • Jean Inglesakis: Molinar

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