Mr. Poirier’s son-in-law (1933)

Mr. Poirier's son-in-law is a French film, the first film directed by Marcel Pagnol.

First film by Marcel Pagnol. With Fernand Charpin.
First film by Marcel Pagnol. With Fernand Charpin.


Mr. Poirier’s son-in-law is an aristocrat and a lover of frivolities. He decides to change his life to devote himself to his wife and his work.

“Mr. Poirier’s son-in-law” is a comedy that Emile Augier wrote in collaboration with Jules Sandeau. The premiere of this play was given in 1854 at the Théâtre du Gymnase. Émile Augier was one of the greatest playwrights of his time. Émile Augier was always the enemy of anti-social doctrines and fought the omnipotence of money. He was a member of the French Academy.

Jules Sandeau was above all an analytical novelist. “Le Gendre de monsieur Poirier” was taken from one of his novels: “Sacs et parchemins”. It is especially his collaboration with Emile Augier that contributed to make him known in the theater.

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