Tartarin of Tarascon (1934)

Tartarin is a braggart and sturdy bourgeois who lives in Tarascon, his reputation is based on more or less invented stories of travel and adventure.

'Tartarin of Tarascon', an adaptation of Alphonse Daudet's novel.
'Tartarin of Tarascon', an adaptation of Alphonse Daudet's novel.


A boastful and mythomaniacal southerner, a good bourgeois from Tarascon, Tartarin, in order to silence what people say, goes off to hunt the beast in Africa and, although he has no brilliant action to his credit, returns home in triumph.

A remake of this film will be shot in 1962 by Francis Blanche.

Technical data

  • Duration: 95 minutes
  • Script and dialogues: Marcel Pagnol, based on the novel by Alphonse Daudet
  • Adapted and directed by Raymond Bernard
  • Images: Jules Kruger, Robert Lefebvre
  • Set design: Jean Perrier, Lucien Carré
  • Sound: Antoine Archimbaud
  • Music: Darius Milhaud
  • Studio: Joinville
  • Outside: Bou-Saada (Algeria), Tarascon and surroundings
  • First public presentation: Paris (Marivaux), November 1934
  • Producer: Pathé Natan
  • Production manager: Maurice Gleize


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