Marcel Pagnol


Ont été regroupés sous cette rubrique toutes les œuvres de Marcel Pagnol. On y retrouvera les romans, les nouvelles et les "Sermons de Marcel Pagnol" amicalement tirés de son œuvre et rassemblés par son ami le Révérend Père Norbert Calmels.

Marcel Pagnol romancier, dramaturge, essayiste.
Marcel Pagnol romancier, dramaturge, essayiste.
Quotes, excerpts, and iconic scenes collected here by Nicolas Pagnol.

Words of wisdom and wit

Summary Before taking his seat among the Immortals, Pagnol had already understood this: "Talkative people…

Compilation of prefaces written by Marcel Pagnol.

Confidences (1990)

Summary Marcel Pagnol wrote many prefaces for his plays. He called them "confidences". They are…

This "Time of loves" so long awaited contains some of Pagnol's most beautiful pages.

The Time of Love (1977)

Summary The year of seventh grade; the discovery of one's poetic "vocation"; the lamb, the…

After the death of the Hunchback, and the sale of the Romarins, Manon and her mother settle in Baptistine's cave.

Manon of the Springs (1963) Summary Manon, a wild shepherdess driven by the desire for revenge, is not content…

Jean de Florette (1962), the first key volume of the 'Water of the hills' series, marks, thirty years after 'Pirouettes', Pagnol's return to the novel.

Jean de Florette (1963)

Summary In the village of Bastides Blanches, people hate those from Crespin. This is why…

The most beautiful book about childhood friendship.

My Mother’s Castle (1957) Summary One year after La Gloire de mon père (My Father's Glory), Marcel Pagnol…