2008 Winner: Philippe Pollet-Villard for “La Fabrique de souvenirs” (Flammarion)

Winner of the Marcel Pagnol Prize 2008.
Winner of the Marcel Pagnol Prize 2008.

Yesterday evening, in the Salon Raimu on the second floor of Fouquet’s Champs Elysées, the 2008 Marcel Pagnol Award was granted. This year, it crowned Philippe Pollet-Villard’s book “La Fabrique de souvenirs” published by Editions Flammarion.

This is Philippe Pollet-Villard’s second novel after the success of “L’homme qui marchait avec une balle dans la tête” (Flammarion 2006- J’ai lu 2008). A book dedicated to childhood memories, as is appropriate for this Marcel Pagnol Literary Prize.

Born in Annecy in 1960, Philippe Pollet-Villard takes us to Haute-Savoie in the 1970s in a funny family where drama is mixed with humor under the sensitive and “musical” pen of the narrator.
Philippe Pollet-Villard received his prize from Jacqueline Pagnol in the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Frédéric Pagnol, son of Marcel Pagnol and Nicolas Pagnol, grandson.

Daniel Picouly, president of the Jury, read excerpts from the winning book and thus motivated the choice of the Jury composed of : Karin Hann, Stéphanie Janicot, Claude Pujade-Renaud, Carole Tournay, Philippe Claudel, Gérard de Cortanze, Dominique Guiou, Alain Teulié and Floryse Grimaud who created the Marcel Pagnol Prize in 2000 in Aubagne.

Let us remind you that the Marcel Pagnol Award has as partners Banque Neuflize OBC (which endows it) and Le Fouquet’s (the Parisian top venue where Marcel Pagnol liked to come and meet his friends) which has been hosting and supporting it for five years.

The award ceremony was attended by many personalities from the publishing, press, television and film worlds…as Philippe Pollet-Villard received in 2008 a César and an Oscar for his short film “Le Mozart des pickpokets”. It was also an opportunity to present Marcel Pagnol’s “Carnets de cinéma”, found by Nicolas Pagnol, a collection of unpublished texts by Marcel Pagnol on cinema (Editions de la Treille/Editions Privé).

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