2024 short story contest: a 100% female winner’s list

Winners of the Marcel Pagnol Short Story Contest 2024.
Winners of the Marcel Pagnol Short Story Contest 2024.

It was last Saturday in the late afternoon, in front of a full house, that the winners of the third edition of the Marcel Pagnol Short Story Contest were revealed. This year, six female laureates won the prizes up for grabs.

Allauch TV: 3rd Edition of the Marcel Pagnol Short Story Contest in Allauch.

Ils étaient 305 !

The success of this writing competition – now one of the most significant in France – is undeniable, as it attracted 305 candidates in two categories: Adults and Youths aged 16 to 18 for the general contest, and starting from 14 years old for the “3ZU” at the Monte-Cristo High School in Allauch. The contest affirms its national and even international scope year after year, with participants from across the Francophone world.

The 100% female 2024 winner’s list

This year’s task was to continue, in about four pages, a sentence extracted from Marcel Pagnol’s “First Love.”

  • The “3ZU” Prize was awarded to Milane Locquegnies for “Life is More Beautiful Here”
  • The Youth Prize was awarded to Maïa Bool for “Blazing Kiss” (from Burgundy)
  • The Jury awarded a “Favorite” to young Miléna Gros for “First Love”
  • The 1st Adult Prize went to Anne-Marie Liautard for “The Fire” (from Drôme)
  • The 2nd Prize went to Laurette Autouard for “Reflorescing Life”
  • The 3rd Prize went to Nancy Campodonico for “That’s Life”

A prestigious literary jury

The jury for the 2024 Marcel Pagnol short story contest.

The Marcel Pagnol Short Story Contest 2024 jury consisted of writers and literary journalists Daniel Picouly, Marie-Blanche Cordou, René Frégni, Franz-Olivier Giesbert, Yan Lespoux, Jérémy Noé. Additionally, Nicolas Pagnol, Jacqueline Fabre, the Culture delegate of the City of Allauch, and Floryse Grimaud, the creator of the Marcel Pagnol Prize, organizer, and Secretary-General of the Contest, were also part of the jury.

Essential partners

Supported by the Marcel Pagnol Museum Association in partnership with the City of Allauch, the Marcel Pagnol Short Story Contest enjoys significant backing.

In terms of media, Le Point, La Marseillaise, La Provence, and France Bleu Provence have opened their columns and airwaves to the contest, enhancing its visibility and reinforcing its reputation. Among sponsors, a financial support from Crédit Agricole, contributions from Cultura Aubagne, Prado Paradis Bookstore, Larousse Editions, and the publishing house Le Bruit du monde, which will host the “3ZU” winner for an editorial internship, are noteworthy.

Writing, a french passion

If our country boasts the highest number of bookstores and literary prizes in the world, the desire and pleasure of writing also constitute the French exception. At all ages and everywhere, regardless of individual backgrounds, writing is a treasure we must acknowledge.

Thanks and congratulations to all the candidates. Kudos to the young people who write wonderful and delightful things. It is well known how much Marcel Pagnol valued education, transmission, and the French language. The six winning stories can be read on the City of Allauch’s website and will soon be featured in a publication in the Culture section of La Marseillaise.

Les partenaires du concours de nouvelles Marcel Pagnol 2024.

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