3rd Edition of the Marcel Pagnol Short Story Competition

Third edition of the Marcel Pagnol Short Story Competition in Allauch.
Third edition of the Marcel Pagnol Short Story Competition in Allauch.

Marcel Pagnol short story competition in Allauch: forward to a third edition!

Free and open to all amateur writers over 16 years old, with many prizes to be won, it is especially awarded by a prestigious jury of writers, literary journalists, and cultural figures.”

Launch of the third edition: September 12, 2023

Two categories:

  • Young people (from 16 to 18 years old)
  • Adults (18 years and older)

Submission of short stories until December 12, 2023. Awards ceremony on the evening of Saturday, February 3, 2024, in Allauch.

To be continued…

Every year, the writer Daniel Picouly chooses a sentence from a work of Marcel Pagnol, a sentence that constitutes the incipit of the short story to be written. In other words, each candidate must continue (on about 4 pages and on a maximum of 12,000 characters/spaces) the story inspired by this beginning. Here is the one for this new 2023/2024 edition, extracted from Marcel Pagnol’s ‘Premier amour’:

« You see that I am not dead. There was a large tree; it had fought against the Fire, and it had lost. It lay on the ground, and the Fire had left red bees that were eating it. I approached because it was pretty … »

The Jury

  • Daniel Picouly, writer, playwright, Renaudot Prize winner, jury president,
  • Nicolas Pagnol, grandson of Marcel Pagnol,
  • Floryse Grimaud, organizer and General Secretary of the Competition, creator of the Marcel Pagnol Prize,
  • Jacqueline Fabre, elected to the Culture of the City of Allauch,
  • Franz-Olivier Giesbert, journalist, columnist, writer,
  • René Frégni, writer crowned by numerous literary prizes,
  • Jérémy Noé, literary journalist at La Marseillaise,
  • Marie-Banche Cordou, novelist, literary columnist on France Bleu Provence, Provence Azur TV, France 3 Provence Alpes,
  • Yan Lespoux, writer, short story specialist.

They support us

For this third edition, the Marcel Pagnol Short Story Competition in Allauch benefits from the national partnership of the weekly Le Point. This is a great opportunity for all our candidates and a wonderful and relevant visibility thus offered to the Competition.

Quality and image are also brought to us by La Marseillaise, La Provence, France Bleu Provence, Larousse Editions, Prado Paradis Bookstore, Crédit Agricole, and for this edition, the Cultura Aubagne store which also supports the Marcel Pagnol Short Story Competition in Allauch.

Partenaires de la troisième édition du concours de nouvelles Marcel Pagnol organisé à Allauch.

Publication/Edition/Awards Ceremony

The award-winning short stories may be published in the press. La Marseillaise has been publishing them in its weekend Culture section as a double page for two years. The publication of a collection gathering the best short stories from the three editions is being considered.

To participate


Floryse Grimaud, advice, edition, communication. Tél. 06 83 31 10 30. Mail :

Communication service/City of Allauch. Tél. 04 91 10 49 90

Download the flyer of the third edition of the Marcel Pagnol Short Story Competition.

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