Endowment Fund

A successful association day at the olive grove of la Bastide Neuve.

Local partners involved:

In order to carry out its project to rehabilitate the olive grove of La Bastide Neuve, the Marcel Pagnol Endowment Fund can count on the support and help of local partners, both private and associative.

  • The association Patrimoine Culturel Provençal – This association specializes in the restoration of restanques.
  • The Association des Chevaliers du Pays d’Aix which takes care of the pruning of olive trees and organizes pruning demonstration sessions.
  • The Crédit Agricole Provence-Alpes Foundation, which financially supports the project.

The involvement of these structures as well as dozens of volunteers has transformed this purely local project into a regional project carrying the rural values ​​of all of Provence.

On Saturday March 18, 2023, no fewer than 45 volunteers came together to prune the olive trees and reassemble the restanques. In a warm atmosphere, 2 tons of stones were put in place and half of the trees were pruned.

At the end of the day, ACOPA organized an induction ceremony to welcome Nicolas Pagnol as Knight and reward his action in favor of the territory.

An ecological project:

The desire of the Marcel Pagnol Endowment Fund being to manage this olive grove in an eco-responsible way, he surrounded himself with local farmers in order to benefit from their analysis and their know-how.

At a time of global warming and the impoverishment of biodiversity, it is crucial to return to an agriculture that is more respectful of the soil and species. This is why no chemical intran is used in our olive grove. The planting of aromatic herbs, green manures and the establishment of beehives will promote biodiversity.

A first step towards an open-air museum:

The rehabilitation of this olive grove marks a first step towards the creation of an open-air museum in the Etoile hills.

  • Reconstruction of the sets of Marcel Pagnol’s films.
  • Restoration of La Bastide Neuve.
  • Rehabilitation of abandoned traditional agricultural plots.

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