Fabien’s creation at the théâtre du chêne noir in Avignon

Last play written by Marcel Pagnol in 1956.
Last play written by Marcel Pagnol in 1956.

Last play written by Marcel Pagnol in 1956, Fabien is above all a comedy, as Marcel Pagnol knew how to write them so well, a social comedy, which takes place in a very specific universe: that of “Monsters” and “curiosities” of the fairs of the time. “A comedy in which one laughs more than in Topaz “, said Marcel! But like any comedy, it is built on a drama. Fabien, the hero of the story is beautiful, intelligent and talented, but he is the executioner of the drama that is being played out… ” A monster among monsters, but a monster that cannot be suspected, a monstrosity invisible to the naked eye. His victim, his wife Milly, falls into the trap set for him: out of love? Naivety? Fragility? Is it the manipulator who chooses his victim, or the victim who chooses his manipulator? Martyr or accomplice? So many questions that will lay the foundations of our work. And we will obviously laugh, in the midst of monsters much more human than our hero. We will laugh out loud at the social drama that will unfold before our eyes. The monsters of fairs, in cage, were there to entertain us? No ? On which side of the bars were the most monstrous?

Marc Pistolesi

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