César (1936)

Fanny, abandoned by Marius, marries Panisse, who adopts Césariot, the child of their love, and raises him as his own son.

'César', the final part of Marcel Pagnol's Marseilles trilogy.
'César', the final part of Marcel Pagnol's Marseilles trilogy.
The death of Panisse, “César,” written and directed by Marcel Pagnol.


Fanny, abandoned by Marius, marries Panisse who adopts Césariot, the child of love, and raises him as his son. Today, Césariot is an adult and Panisse is dying. Fanny reveals the truth to her son, who then decides to go in search of Marius, his father.

In 1946, Pagnol would talk about his often stormy relationship with actor Raimu. Even in difficult moments, and there were many of them between these two men who had the same accent but also the same “whole” temperament, they found the tone and words to talk to each other. They were angry “to death” in order to better find each other afterwards. They both considered, like Caesar and Panisse, that nothing could be serious enough to justify the most irreparable of losses, the loss of a friend.


Texts by Claude Beylie, Jean Douchet, Paul Giannoli and Jean-Charles Tacchella presented by Pierre Lagnand.

Technical data

  • Genre: melodrama
  • Duration : 2h12
  • Director: Marcel Pagnol
  • Assistants : Pierre Méré and Pierre Arnaudy
  • Screenplay: Marcel Pagnol
  • Photography : Willy Faktorovitch
  • Second operators : Charly Willy-Gricha and Roger Ledru
  • Editing: Suzanne de Troeye, assisted by Jeannette Ginestet
  • Sets: Marius Brouquier
  • Sound recording : Voisin et Cie, G.I. Kraemer process, Thomson-Houston license
  • Sound engineer : Georges Gérardot 
  • Assistants: J. Coutellier and J. Bañuls
  • Music: Vincent Scotto, Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Georges Sellers
  • Machinery and Lighting : Albert Spanna and Antoine Rossi 
  • Assistants: Latiere, F. Avella, Henri Garcia, Michel Scotto, and Francillon
  • Masons: Marius Brouquier, Ambrosi, and Olivi
  • Furniture : Maison David Frères
  • Decoration : Galibert
  • Make-up: Albino Constanzo
  • Development and printing of the Marcel Pagnol Films laboratories in Marseille, under the direction of Albert Assouad 
  • Assistants: Clément Maure, Le-Van-Kim, and André Robert
  • Production Manager: Charles Pons 
  • Assistants : Léon Bourelly, Jean Adam, and Fernand Bruno
  • Production: Marcel Pagnol for Les Films Marcel Pagnol
  • Shooting : exteriors in Marseille, Toulon and Cassis. Interiors in the Marcel Pagnol studios in Marseille.


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