Letters from My Windmill: Father Gaucher’s Elixir (1954)

Marcel Pagnol, who reunites with his mentor Alphonse Daudet, has the ambition to film several "LETTERS".

Marcel Pagnol adapts letters from Alphonse Daudet.
Marcel Pagnol adapts letters from Alphonse Daudet.
Robert Vattier and Fernand Sardou in “Father Gaucher’s Elixir”. Adaptation from “Letters from My Windmill” by Marcel Pagnol.


To save the abbey from ruin, Father Gaucher starts making an elixir… Or is it a liqueur?

Marcel Pagnol, who met his master Alphonse Daudet again, had the ambition to shoot several “LETTERS”. He started with “LES TROIS MESSES BASSES”, “L’ÉLIXIR DU PÈRE GAUCHER” and “LE SECRET DE MAÎTRE CORNILLE”, in 1954. These are the most Provencal of the series. It was not until 1967 that he directed “LE CURÉ DE CUCUGNAN” for television, thus completing his film adaptation of the “LETTERS”.

Technical data


  • Rellys: Father Gaucher
  • Robert Vattier: The father abbot
  • Christian Lude: Brother Sylvester
  • Fernand Sardou: Mr. Charnigue
  • Jean-Marie Bon: Father Joachim
  • J. Riozet: Brother Hyacinth

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