Topaz – 3rd version (1950)

The timid professor of a private school is dismissed for false reasons. He soon becomes the puppet of a dishonest politician.

Second adaptation of Topaze by Marcel Pagnol, with Fernandel.
Second adaptation of Topaze by Marcel Pagnol, with Fernandel.
Topaze: scene with Fernandel (Topaze), Marcel Vallé (Mr. Muche), and Milly Mathis (Mrs the Baroness).


A teacher at the Muche boarding school, Topaze, a lousy tutor unable to cheat on the grades of rich dunces, is fired. Reduced to unemployment, he gives private lessons to the nephew of Suzy Courtois, a semi-mondaine… He then becomes aware of the vanity of his educational mission and becomes a cynical scoundrel…

Technical data

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Duration: 2h15
  • Direction, script and dialogues: Marcel Pagnol after his play Topaze
  • Assistant director: François Gir
  • Sets: Hugues Laurent, Roger Jodelay and Robert Giordani for the models
  • Costumes and dresses by Hélène Perdrière: Schiaparelli
  • Photography: Philippe Agostini
  • Cameraman: Jean-Marie Maillols, assisted by Pierre Ancrenoy and Clément Maure
  • Editing: Monique Lacombe, assisted by Jacqueline Bultez
  • Music: Raymond Legrand
  • Sound: Marcel Royné, assisted by Barthelmy and Henry Girbal
  • Production manager: Jean Martinetti
  • Make-up: Nicole Bouban and Ralph
  • Set photographer: Igor Kalinine
  • Assistant editor: Jacqueline Bultez
  • Scriptwriter: Régine Hernou
  • Production Secretary: Annette Millet-Julian
  • Director: Marcel Bryau and Georges Baze
  • Outside director: Géo Saudry
  • Accessory designer: Dubouilh and Max Lecointre
  • Production company: Les Films Marcel Pagnol
  • Shooting: Franstudio in Saint-Maurice


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