Ugolin – Part 2 (1952)

By diverting the source of water from the village of Bastides Blanches, Manon takes revenge on the villagers for their mistreatment of her father.

'Manon of the Springs' with Jacqueline Pagnol, Raymond Pellegrin, and Rellys.
'Manon of the Springs' with Jacqueline Pagnol, Raymond Pellegrin, and Rellys.


Manon has blocked the spring that feeds the village, whose inhabitants she hates. They gradually become aware of the evil they have done to her and try to obtain her forgiveness…

“MANON DES SOURCES” and “UGOLIN” are probably the richest Provencal fresco painted by Marcel Pagnol. He started writing his script in 1950. Immediately, many characters were born under his pen. The filming took place during summer 1952. Marcel soon realized that he had more than four hours of screen time and decided to make two films. But the management of Gaumont had reservations and Marcel finally let himself be convinced. Several scenes were cut. It was not until 1962 that he wrote the novel “JEAN DE FLORETTE”, in which he recounted Manon’s childhood.

René Pagnol.

Technical data

  • Duration: 1h50
  • Producer: Les Films Marcel Pagnol
  • Original script, dialogues and direction: Marcel Pagnol
  • Images: Willy Faktorovitch
  • Sets: Eugène Delfau
  • Outside: La Treille
  • Editing: Raymonde and Jacques Bianchi
  • Music: Raymond Legrand
  • First public presentation: Nice, December 1952


  • Jacqueline Pagnol: Manon
  • Raymond Pellegrin: The teacher
  • Rellys: Ugolin
  • Henri Poupon: The papet
  • Robert Vattier: Mr. Belloiseau
  • Fernand Sardou: The Mayor
  • Charles Blavette: Pamphile
  • Henri Vilbert: The priest
  • Edouard Delmont: Anglade
  • Marcelle Geniat: Baptistine

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