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Fundraising by the Marcel Pagnol Endowment Fund

In support of the Dans la Cour des Grands Company.
In support of the Dans la Cour des Grands Company.

To benefit the Compagnie Dans la Cour des Grands for the creation of the play “Fabien” by Marcel Pagnol.

The Marcel Pagnol Endowment Fund aims to bring Marcel Pagnol’s work to life and to help the general public discover it in its entirety. This is why the Fund is launching a fundraising operation to support the creation of the Fabien play by the Compagnie Dans la Cour des Grands.

“Fabien”, the last play written by Marcel Pagnol in 1956, is considered as an “unknown” play by our academician. Yet, it is a very strong and interesting work. A powerful comedy set in the world of monster fairs; bearded women, giants, dwarfs, bird women… and which will show us a new side of Marcel Pagnol. Never played since 1956, the Compagnie Dans la Cour des Grands has chosen to make this masterpiece known to the greatest number and will create it in 2019. Marc Pistolesi, director of “Ivo Livi” (Molière 2017 of the musical show), will be in charge of the staging. His work and adaptation will surprise, make people laugh and move them. Creating Fabien is a big challenge for the Compagnie Dans la Cour des Grands. 9 actors on stage, a set designer, two decorators, a lighting designer, numerous visual effects. The task and the financial investment are important. 

In order to produce this play, the Company asked for the support of the Endowment Fund and it is quite natural that we decided to support them. The only company in Europe to be awarded the Marcel Pagnol Communication label for the artistic quality of its creations, the Cie Dans la Cour des Grands has been developing for many years original shows aimed at promoting and bringing to life the work of Marcel PAGNOL. Its flagship concept is the Randonnées Théâtrales, a show performed “in vivo” in the landscapes that inspired Marcel Pagnol.

The spectator becomes, during a whole day a witness of the story in which he takes part, finding himself immersed, as close as possible to the emotions transmitted by the text and the actors. Manon des sources, La femme du boulanger, Le Schpountz, La Fille du Puisatier, Le château de ma mère, each creation has beeń played for a minimum of three years to full houses. By the originality of these creations, it opens the way to a new theatrical form “the art of the hills”, which has conquered more than 80,000 spectators.

The company has not abandoned the stage and has made a name for itself with three plays, “Travel’in Pagnol”, “Un soir au bar de la Marine”, “Jules et Marcel”, three plays, three worlds. Once again, with this new play, the company aims to show the extent of Pagnol’s work, its modernity and its universality.

How to make your donation?

We call on you to support them and thus benefit from a tax exemption.

By giving us your financial support before December 31, 2018, you will be able to deduct 66% of the amount paid from your 2018 income tax, and a payment of €50, €100 or €200 will ultimately cost you only €17, €34 or €68. A tax receipt will of course be provided to you. 

Important note: As the Endowment Fund also collects donations for the restoration of works and heritage belonging to Marcel Pagnol, it is necessary to specify in the comments of your donation that it concerns the Fabien Room of the Compagnie Dans la Cour des Grands so that the donation is transferred to them . If this was not the case, the donations would be used for the restoration of the heritage.

You want to support the creation of this piece; click on the following link.

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