Marcel Pagnol ceremony of the first short story contest

Marcel Pagnol Short Story Contest.
Marcel Pagnol Short Story Contest.

Prize-giving ceremony for the 1st “Marcel Pagnol Short Story Contest” organized in Allauch

Lionel de Cala, Mayor of Allauch and Departmental Councilor, Nicolas Pagnol, Daniel Picouly and the members of the jury are pleased to award the prizes of the Marcel Pagnol short story contest on Saturday, January 15, 2022, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., in the Fontvieille Wedding Hall. You can find the broadcast below.

The Marcel Pagnol short story contest is organized by the association of friends of the Marcel Pagnol Museum and the City of Allauch.

In his childhood memories, Marcel Pagnol celebrated the bright hills of Allauch, his “fragrant desert”. It is therefore quite natural that the “Marcel Pagnol Short Story Contest” took place in Allauch on Saturday, January 15th, 2022, in partnership with the Figaro newspaper and the region’s media. The creation of such a nationwide event is in line with the future Pagnol Museum, which will soon be set up in the village within the Electric Factory.

250 candidates from all over France and even from abroad took part in the “Marcel Pagnol Short Story Contest” in Allauch, a great success for this1st edition.

The prizes were awarded this Saturday by a prestigious jury of personalities, writers and literary journalists gathered around :

  • Daniel Picouly, writer, playwright, Prix Renaudot, president of the jury
  • Nicolas Pagnol, grandson of Marcel Pagnol
  • Floryse Grimaud, organizer

The jury is also composed of:

  • Jacqueline Fabre, elected representative for culture of the city of Allauch
  • Mohammed Aissaoui, literary journalist at Le Figaro, writer, Renaudot Prize for essay
  • Olga Bibiloni, head of the culture department of “La Provence
  • René Frégni, writer crowned by numerous literary prizes
  • Hervé Godard, journalist, columnist on France Bleu Provence
  • Yan Lespoux, writer, specialist in short stories
  • Jérémy Noé, literary journalist at “La Marseillaise

The award-winning short stories can be viewed below:


Mrs. Bernadette PEPINEAU for her short story “Le revenant d’Allauch


Miss Emma DERRIEN for her short story “Crépuscule ou le jour où j’ai rencontré une fille à la recherche du démon” (Twilight or the day I met a girl looking for the devil)


Mr. Philippe GUGUEN for his short story ” Voilà Allauch “.


Mrs. THOMAZEAU Anne-Marie for her short story ” La grotte aux âmes d’enfants ” (The cave of children’s souls)

Mr. Etienne ROSE for his short story “Sauvés?

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