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Pagnol adapts Giono with Vincent Scotto.
Pagnol adapts Giono with Vincent Scotto.


Old Jofroi sold his orchard to Fonse, but when Fonse decided to uproot the old unproductive trees, Jofroi objected. 

Around 1956, a Broadway theater presented him without knowing that Jofroi was twenty-three years old. The American press was triumphant, and celebrated the talent of a new French actor named Vincent Scotto

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The marcel pagnol endowment fund

The Marcel Pagnol Endowment Fund aims at restoring the 24 films in his film catalog as well as maintaining the museum collection including, among others, cameras, lenses, manuscripts and works of art belonging to Marcel Pagnol. It also aims at reconstructing the sets of his films in natural settings in the hills of Aubagne and Marseille and at launching the creation of a large museum entirely dedicated to Marcel Pagnol.

A large part of the museum’s collection is totally unpublished and requires heavy maintenance work; as for films, it is becoming imperative to restore them in order to guarantee their preservation for the future. The Marcel Pagnol Endowment Fund was created on the initiative of Jacqueline Pagnol, Marcel Pagnol’s widow who played Manon des Sources in the cinema, and by Frédéric Pagnol, Marcel and Jacqueline Pagnol’s son.

The legal structure of the Endowment Fund makes it possible to offer a tax exemption of 66% to private donors and 60% to companies.

We hope that you will be sensitive to our patrimonial approach and that, like us, you consider that this immense work and the universal themes of humanism and mutual aid that it conveys must be transmitted to future generations.

We need your help so that Marcel, Manon, Marius, Fanny, César and all these characters who are now part of the French popular culture live forever.

Nicolas Pagnol

I participate in the restoration here

It was an extraordinary preview at the Château de la Buzine!!!
Thanks to France Télévision, Région Sud, Programme33, CMF-MPC, Fonds Marcel Pagnol as well as to the support of all those for whom Provençal culture matters, we finally have a great documentary on Marcel.

Visit the castle of la buzine Marcel Pagnol

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