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Pre-order your Blue-Ray and participate in the restoration of the TRILOGY

Nicolas Pagnol, Marcel Pagnol's grandson and president of the family company CMF-MPC, is appealing to you to finance the restoration of the Marseille trilogy Marius, Fanny, César, by Marcel Pagnol.

Ulule crowdfunding campaign to prevent the disappearance of films.
Ulule crowdfunding campaign to prevent the disappearance of films.

Each film requires 50,000€ in funding. A heritage restoration from the original negative as well as a digital restoration will allow these three films to be screened again in theaters.

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On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the birth of cinema and filmmaker Marcel Pagnol, the family company CMF-MPC wishes to revive the trilogy from Marseille: Marius, Fanny, César in their original format.

The original films have deteriorated over time and their restoration requires a long and expensive work by specialists. Today, there is no longer a copy in good condition that can be shown in theaters. We are therefore appealing to you today to restore Marius, Fanny and Caesar in their original framing, in 1:20. This is the first time since 1934 that we will see these films in their original version. More than a film restoration, it is about saving our cinematographic heritage and keeping Marcel Pagnol’s work alive for a long time to come, for all future generations. The new support of the trilogy, a 35mm polyester negative, will guarantee an optimal conservation of the films and an additional century of life for the trilogy. This restoration work will be done under the supervision of Nicolas Pagnol, Marcel’s grandson. Guillaume Schiffmann, cinematographer of The Artist and The Search, will supervise the color grading of the films.

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