Serge Toubiana Winner of the Marcel Pagnol Award 2022

2022, awarding of the Prize to Serge Toubiana for "Le fils de la maitresse" (Arléa).
2022, awarding of the Prize to Serge Toubiana for "Le fils de la maitresse" (Arléa).

Serge Toubiana: Winner of the Marcel Pagnol Award 2022 for “Le fils de la maîtresse” (Arlea)

A childhood novel full of life and emotion. A tribute to a mother whose memory does not leave the author: “To be entirely in the eyes of a mother, that is what defines childhood for me. Having become the great man of the cinema we know, Serge Toubiana still says “there is nothing more essential than remaining faithful to the child we were”. The Marcel Pagnol Award 2022 could not have crowned a better winner.

The Jury

The Jury, chaired by Daniel Picouly, is composed of Mohammed Aïssaoui, Philippe Chauveau, Grégoire Delacourt, Franck Duval (FKDL), Guy Goffette, Floryse Grimaud, Dominique Guiou, Karin Hann, Pascal Ory of the French Academy, Nicolas Pagnol and Jean-Noël Pancrazi.

The 2022 selection

  • The one who was me – Frédérique Deghelt (L’Observatoire)
  • Dead language – Hector Mathis (Buchet-Chastel)
  • The mistress’s son – Serge Toubiana (Arlea)
  • The porcelain warrior – Mathias Malzieu (Albin Michel)
  • Journey around my childhood – Emmanuel de Waresquiel (Tallandier)
  • Voyage au bout de l’enfance – Rachid Benzine (Seuil) 2000/2022

Since 2000, the Marcel Pagnol Prize has been awarded to a novel on the theme of childhood memories. One of the strongest inspirations of literature. There was no edition in 2020 and 2021 due to the health crisis. The Marcel Pagnol Award was created and is organized by Floryse Grimaud Loyal partners Fouquet’s Paris once again hosted the Marcel Pagnol Award ceremony in its reception rooms, including the Raimu, where Marcel Pagnol liked to gather his company and friends. The Prize is endowed with 3,000 euros by Marcel Pagnol Communication, a company managed by Nicolas Pagnol, Marcel Pagnol’s grandson.

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