Short story contest: a record-breaking 3rd edition!

Marcel Pagnol Short Story Contest 2023-2024.
Marcel Pagnol Short Story Contest 2023-2024.

300 candidates, a record participation for the 3rd edition

Launched last September, the third edition of the Marcel Pagnol Short Story Contest concluded on December 12th. With 300 candidates, we can celebrate a record participation in both the Adults and Youth categories. Stories were received from our region, but also from all over France and abroad, demonstrating the growing reach of this short story contest.

Opening excerpt from Marcel Pagnol’s “First Love”:

This year, the opening passage that all candidates had to continue was selected by Daniel Picouly, from Marcel Pagnol’s “First Love”:

“You see, I am not dead. There was a big tree, it had fought against the Fire, and it had lost. It lay on the ground, and the Fire had left red bees that were eating it. I approached because it was pretty …”

A jury and quality partners

This new success is thanks to the Jury that awards the prizes: Nicolas Pagnol, writers Daniel Picouly, René Frégni, Yan Lespoux, Marie-Blanche Cordou, authors and journalists Franz-Olivier Giesbert, Jérémy Noé, accompanied by Jacqueline Fabre, the Culture delegate of the City of Allauch, and Floryse Grimaud. It is also thanks to the partners who support us.

Practical informations

The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, February 3rd at 5 p.m. in the wedding hall of the city of Allauch, in the presence of jury members, the press, partners, and Mr. Lionel de Cala, Mayor of Allauch. Five prizes will be awarded: three for adults and two for youth, including the “3ZU” prizes.

To note

  • On Saturday, February 3rd, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., the writer members of the Jury will sign their books at the Cultura in Aubagne.
  • The Prado Paradis bookstore will offer guests of the award ceremony the jury’s books for signing. A special moment for exchanges.
  • The “3ZU” took place in January 2024 at the Monte Cristo High School of Allauch. This event of real-time writing directly on tablets is dedicated to high school students who must respect in their story the Unity of action, Unity of time, and Unity of place that characterize classical theater. All made more complex by the mischief of Daniel Picouly, who gradually introduces mandatory “3ZU” narrative elements!

Our country has the most bookstores in the world, and also the greatest number of literary prizes… Observing that writing and the French language are also among French passions is truly heartening. Marcel Pagnol obliges!

Organization/Communication: Floryse Grimaud – 06 83 31 10 30 – Communication Service City of Allauch – 04 91 10 49 90.”

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