The selection for the 2019 Marcel Pagnol Award has been made

Selection of the Marcel Pagnol Prize 2019.
Selection of the Marcel Pagnol Prize 2019.

The award ceremony will take place on the evening of June 24 at Fouquet’s Paris

The last selection of the 2019 Marcel Pagnol Prize has just been decided, it includes the following six books:

  • Seventeen years – Eric Fottorino (Gallimard)
  • California – Bruno Masi (JC Lattès)
  • Remarkable bitters – Emmanuelle Grangé (Arléa)
  • Rue des pâquerettes – Mehdi Charef (Out of reach)
  • You have no heart… – Christine Jordis (Albin Michel)
  • Flight of men – Marie Lebey (Editions de Fallois)

Chaired by Daniel Picouly, the jury is composed of :

Mohammed Aïssaoui, Grégoire Delacourt, Franck Duval, Guy Goffette, Floryse Grimaud, Dominique Guiou, Karin Hann, Stéphanie Janicot, Nicolas Pagnol, Jean-Noël Pancrazi, Colombe Schneck.

2000/2019, the Marcel Pagnol Award is 19 years old

Since 2000, the Marcel Pagnol Prize has been awarded every year to a novel on the theme of childhood memories, which were so dear to Marcel Pagnol. A strong inspiration of literature. The Marcel Pagnol Award was created and is organized by Floryse Grimaud and is endowed with 3000 euros by Marcel Pagnol Communication.

Loyal partners

Once again, the Marcel Pagnol Award will be presented at Fouquet’s Paris, which is a “historical” partner. The award ceremony will take place on Monday, June 24th at 7 pm in the reception rooms with the evocative name of Raimu, where Marcel Pagnol liked to gather his company and friends. This year again, the street artist FKDL will create an original painting to illustrate the invitation. This painting will be exhibited at Fouquet’s on the evening of the award ceremony.

Nicolas Pagnol, Marcel Pagnol ‘s grandson and manager of the Pagnol business, is a member of the jury. The Marcel Pagnol Communication company donates the prize.

Floryse Grimaud / Publishing Communication Council

06 83 31 10 30

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