Authentic Pagnol’ hikes

As a passionate fan of Marcel Pagnol, Damien, with the help of his father, created the trilogy of hiking tours 'Authentic Pagnol'.

'Authentic Pagnol' hikes, in the Garlaban mountain range.
'Authentic Pagnol' hikes, in the Garlaban mountain range.

Hiking in the Garlaban massif and Marseille

You will go on the forgotten paths of Marseille or the Garlaban Massif that Pagnol used to take with his family or Lili des Bellons, his faithful friend from the hills.

A real journey through time that will take you to the land of hidden springs, caves and filming locations of Pagnol’s greatest films.

From Taoumé to Grande Tête Rouge, Tête ronde or Vallon des Escaouprés, these enchanted hills where little Marcel grew up will have no more secrets for you.

You will also take the famous shortcut that passes near the canal and the castles, including the mythical “Château de ma Mère”, which the Pagnol family used to take to reach the Bastide Neuve.

Be ready to cross time in the middle of today’s Marseille and the hills of Allauch which have not changed.

“You are ready, then the Enchantment can begin!”

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