Pirouettes (1932)

A work of youth, Pirouettes tells the adventures of three characters, Jacques Panier, Félix Antoine Grasset and Louis Irénée Peluques.

'PIROUETTES' tells the audacious love adventures of Louis-Irénée Peluque.
'PIROUETTES' tells the audacious love adventures of Louis-Irénée Peluque.


These memoirs are true memoirs: all the pages were dictated in the evening, by the corner of my fire, while, with closed eyes, I watched my memories pass by. I have tried to bring back to life the figure of Louis-Irénée Peluque, my fellow student and my friend; I have simply recounted the actions in which he found himself involved.

These actions, which I did not invent, are naturally banal and disjointed, like life. Some young women will appear in the course of this story; I will introduce them in due course; we will also meet several young men, who seemed to me much more worthy of consideration.

Among these, I will quote Felix-Antoine Grasset, pessimistic poet, and your servant Jacques Panier, this word servant being besides only a vain formula. I will make a portrait of the first one; as for me, modesty commands me not to speak about it in flattering terms; on the other hand, my small idea of my personal merit forbids me to denigrate myself systematically for the only purpose of appearing truthful. I therefore leave it to the reader to guess my face by the sound of my voice.

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