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Editorial Projects for 2024

Cover of 'Gaby or the Beauty and the Money' - Michel Lafon.
Cover of 'Gaby or the Beauty and the Money' - Michel Lafon.

A Rich News Agenda for the 50th Anniversary Commemorations of Marcel Pagnol’s Passing

On April 18, 1974, Marcel Pagnol passed away. After captivating, amusing, and moving millions of readers and viewers, the publishing houses Michel LAFON, Audiolib, Editions Grand Angle, Les Editions de la Treille, and CMF-MPC have decided to pay tribute to him by publishing unpublished works and reinterpretations for both children and adult audiences.

The Paper Editorial Projects

“GABY or the Beauty and the Money”

Michel LAFON Edition – Graphic Novel – Release Date: April 18, 2024 – Adapted from an unpublished play written between 1951 and 1955.

Gaby, a young, bourgeois, and single woman, leads a life of leisure. She entrusts her fortune to her father, who makes dubious investments and squanders all his daughter’s money!

Soon penniless and homeless, Gaby must marry quickly, and to a wealthy suitor! She then concocts a plan with her father and a con artist…

A satirical and wildly funny comedy, in the vein of Topaz.

“The Book of Nature”

Michel Lafon Edition – Collection of illustrated youth poems – Publication October 2024.

“Childhood Memories”

Audiolib Editions – Audiobook – Recorded by Philippe Caubère – Release Early 2024.

Philippe Caubère, unforgettable as Joseph in Yves Robert’s film “My Father’s Glory,” delivers a tender and breathtaking reading of the quadrilogy “Childhood Memories.” His Southern French phrasing and warm voice transport us like a mistral wind through the hills of Marcel Pagnol’s childhood.

Philippe Caubère, unforgettable as Joseph in Yves Robert’s film “My Father’s Glory”

“Jean de Florette and Manon of the Springs”

Audiolib Editions – Audiobook – Recorded by Vincent Fernandel – Release Early 2024.

Vincent Fernandel, bearing an unforgettable name, possesses a voice reminiscent of both his grandfather and his father, Franck Fernandel. Vincent alternates between being charming and cruel in his reading of this relentless diptych, which for many represents the masterpiece of Marcel Pagnol.

Vincent Fernandel

“Marius, Fanny, César”

Grand Angle Editions – Graphic Novel – Release in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters of 2023.

The Marcel Pagnol comic book collection is set to be enriched with three new volumes, each illustrated by a different artist. To mark the 50th anniversary of Marcel Pagnol’s passing, each story will be presented in a single volume instead of two. As is customary, Eric Stoffel meticulously respects the original texts, and Hervé Richez ensures the balance of these three highly anticipated opuses for the audience.

The Blu-ray Editorial Projects

CMF-MPC is currently working on the release of 3 Blu-rays and 1 DVD, specifically the 2K remastered versions of Fernandel’s “Topaz,” “Naïs,” and “Le Schpountz,” which were not yet available in high definition. In parallel, the DVD of “Selected Pieces” is in preparation. This documentary, featuring over 4 hours of color interviews with Marcel Pagnol, has remained unreleased since 1974.

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