Marcel Pagnol


All Marcel Pagnol's works have been grouped under this heading. You will find novels, short stories and "Marcel Pagnol's Sermons" friendly drawn from his work and collected by his friend Reverend Father Norbert Calmels.

Marcel Pagnol: novelist, playwright, essayist.
Marcel Pagnol: novelist, playwright, essayist.
'Judas' is a play in five acts.

Judas (1955)


In his play "JUDAS", Pagnol delivers a personal version of this story, which he considers as a mystery.

The most beautiful book about childhood friendship.

My Mother’s Castle (1957)


The most beautiful book on child friendship: one morning while hunting in the hills, Marcel meets the little peasant, Lili des Bellons. His vacations and his whole life will be illuminated by it.

Compilation of prefaces written by Marcel Pagnol.

Confidences (1990)


Marcel Pagnol wrote many prefaces for his plays: Les Marchands de gloire, Jazz, Topaze, Marius, Fanny, Judas, Fabien. They are compiled in "Confidences".

A selection of Marcel Pagnol's correspondences with iconic figures of his time.

I wrote the role of your life


Whoever stands at the threshold of these unpublished pages is about to enter the intimacy of Marcel Pagnol's office, one of our most illustrious, most popular and most eternal authors.